JDMSPEED Alternator Fits Briggs & Stratton Engines 592830 Replaces 696458 691064 393295


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100% brand new and high quality

Replaces part numbers: 696458, 691064, 393295

Fits the following models:

(Tips: click "Ctrl + F" to see if your model is listed in the description)

445777-0231-E1, 351447-1077-E1, 422447-4059-01, 21A977-0115-E1, 21A977-0165-E1, 21A977-0165-E9, 21A977-0189-E1, 21A977-0197-E1, 21B902-0015-E1, 21B902-0015-G1, 21B902-0022-B1, 21B902-0022-E1, 21B902-0022-E9, 21B906-0020-B1, 21B906-0020-B9, 21B906-0020-E1, 21B906-0020-E9, 21B906-0121-E1, 21B906-0192-B1, 21B906-0192-E1, 21B907-0026-E1, 21B907-0026-G1, 21B907-0028-B1, 21B907-0028-B9, 21B907-0028-E1, 21B907-0028-E9, 21B907-0029-B1, 21B907-0029-E1, 21B907-0029-G1, 21B907-0131-E1, 21B907-0132-E1, 21B907-0137-B1, 21B907-0137-E1, 21B907-0139-B1, 21B907-0139-E1, 21B907-0140-B1, 21B907-0140-E1, 21B907-0153-G1, 21B907-0154-B1, 21B907-0159-B1, 21B907-0164-B1, 21B907-0203-G1, 21B972-0016-E1, 21B972-0016-G1, 21B972-0116-E1, 21B972-0117-B1, 21B972-0117-E1, 21B972-0142-B1, 21B972-0142-E1, 21B976-0114-E1, 21B976-0194-B1, 21B976-0194-E1, 21B976-0202-G1, 21B976-4194-B1, 21B977-0036-B1, 21B977-0036-E1, 21B977-0036-G1, 21B977-0038-B1, 21B977-0038-E1, 21B977-0038-E9,21B977-0110-B1, 21B977-0110-E1, 21B977-0119-E1, 21B977-0120-B1, 21B977-0120-E1, 21B977-0123-E1, 21B977-0124-E1, 21B977-0126-B1, 21B977-0126-E1, 21B977-0127-B1, 21B977-0127-E1, 21B977-0129-B1, 21B977-0129-E1, 21B977-0130-E1, 21B977-0136-B1, 21B977-0136-E1, 21B977-0138-E1, 21B977-0141-B1, 21B977-0141-E1, 21B977-0146-B1, 21B977-0147-B1, 21B977-0149-B1, 21B977-0152-B1, 21B977-0152-B9, 21B977-0155-B1, 21B977-0156-B1, 21B977-0157-B1, 21B977-0160-B1, 21B977-0161-B1, 21B977-0162-B1,21B977-0163-B1,21B977-0163-E1,21B977-0167-B1, 21B977-0168-B1, 21B977-0183-B1

Also fits the following Toro models:
71286, 71427, 71429, 30108, 30111, 74301, 74325, 74327, 74330, 74350, 74351, 74352, 74353,74402, 74403, S2-12B502, 74433, 74501, 74502, 74602, 74704, 32-12O5A1, 32-12OEA1, 74812, 74814, 71246, 71253

NOTE: Please match the part number with part number on the old part to ensure fitment before purchasing.

Professional Installations Highly Recommended. (No Instruction Included)