JDMSPEED FICM Diesel Fuel Injector Wiring Harness For Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty 6.0L


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Related Repair Advice:
1.     Park your vehicle, and turn off its engine.
2.     Open the hood, and locate the fuse box in the passenger's area.
3.      In order to relieve the pressure in the fuel system, carefully remove the fuel pump fuse.
4.      Carefully disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
5.     Find your vehicle's fuel injectors.   Usually, these components can be found in a spot where the engine block is connected to the fuel line.   Depending on the engine size, your vehicle might have several fuel injectors.
6.     Find the old wiring harness.   Check for rust, cracks and dirt.   If the wiring harness isn't able to hold all the wires properly, then replace it with a new one.
7.     Push the center of wiring harness to release it from the fuel injector.   Make sure that you slide the old wiring harness down the fuel line
8.     Depress the clip that slides over the old wiring harness so you can release it from the fuel line.
9.     Put the new wiring harness in place by sliding it onto the fuel line just beneath the clip.   You should be able to hear a clicking sound once the new wiring harness is secured.
10.    Make sure that the fuel line and the wiring harness is aligned with the corresponding fuel injector.
11.  Secure the new wiring harness by pressing the clip that will hold it on the fuel injector.
12.  Reinstall the fuel pump fuse box and reconnect the negative cable to the battery.
Interchanges with following part numbers:5C3Z9D930A
2005 Ford Excursion V8 6.0L Diesel
2005-07 Ford F250 Super Duty Truck V8 6.0L Diesel
2005-07 Ford F350 Super Duty Truck V8 6.0L Diesel
2005-07 Ford F450 Truck V8 6.0L Diesel
2005-07 Ford F550 Truck V8 6.0L Diesel