JDMSPEED For Truck Car Semi Loud System 1.5G Air Tank 150psi 4 Trumpets Train Horn Kit


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Quad Trumpet Train Air Horn (Black), 150 PSI Air Compressor, 1.5 Gallon Air Tank, Thermal Overload Protection, Electric Air Valve, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Air Hose, Horn Button
A full train horn system, ready to install. At the heart of this package is the intense quad trumpet air horn, drawing immediate attention. Black color, made entirely of metal for maximum protection against all weather conditions. This system includes a 1.5 Gallon air tank, 150 PSI 12 volt air compressor, pressure gauge, pressure switch, hose, fittings, horn button, thread sealant and mounting hardware. Ideal for all vehicles with a 12V system. A bold, loud choice.
Air Horn
Quad Trumpet Train Air Horn (Black)
Metal Construction
12V Electric Air Valve (Solenoid) with Compression Fitting
¼" OD Nylon Plastic Hose (6 Feet)
Mounting Hardware Included
Trumpets: 13-¾" L, 11-½" L, 9-¼" L, 7-¾" L x 3-¾" D
Overall: 14" L x 6-¾" W x 6-½" H
Air Compressor
150 PSI Air Compressor
12V Permanent Magnetic Motor
Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI
Duty Cycle: 25% @ 100 PSI
Amperage Draw: 20A
Flow Rate: 1.9CFM @ 0 PSI
Oil-less Design
Moisture and Dust Resistant
Anodized Aluminum Alloy Cylinder
Automatic Reset Thermal Overload Protector
Mounting Plates with Vibration Isolators
¼" NPT Stainless Steel Braided Leader Hose
Intake Filter Assembly
Insulated Wiring with Connectors
30A In-line Fuse with Waterproof Holder
Mounting Hardware Included
Dimensions: 7" L x 3-¼" W x 5-¾" H
Air Tank
1.5 Gallon Air Tank Kit
Capacity: 1.5 Gallon (5.6 Liter)
Pressure Rating: 150 PSI, max 200 PSI
6 Ports: 6 x ¼" NPT
Anti-Corrosion Coating
Precision Welded
Package includes:
1.5 Gallon Air Tank
240 PSI Air Pressure Gauge
120-150 PSI Pressure Switch
175 PSI Safety Valve
Horn Button
¼" NPT Wing Style Drain Valve
¼" NPT Compression Fitting for ¼" OD Air Line
¼" NPT Hex Head Male Plug
¼" OD Nylon Plastic Hose (6 Feet)
12mm Thread Sealant Tape (16 Feet)
Mounting Hardware
Dimensions: 15" L x 7-½" H x 5-½" Dia