JDMSPEED Front & Rear Wear Seal Sleeve Installer J-35686-B Fits Detroit Diesel Series 60


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For Detroit Diesel Series 60 J-35686-B Alternative to J-35686 & J-35686-A Used on multiple Seal & Wear Sleeve Assemblies including 23516969 23513578 23513485 23518355.
High quality heavy duty steel with CNC processing and Zinc black electroplate, our product ensures excellent mechanical and physical properties -- strong, corrosion resistant and durable in use.
This tool installs the front and rear crankshaft wear sleeves and seals. It eliminates lip flare on the wear sleeve and installs the seal properly.
Installation Instruction:
Lubricate the rubber outer diameter of the oil seal with clean engine oil. Lubricate the gear case cover or flywheel housing bore with clean engine oil.
Install two guide studs (J–35686–2) through the holes provided in the center guide assembly (J–35686–1) and into two of the tapped holes in the crankshaft 180 degrees apart. Tighten the guide studs. The base must be tight against the end of the crankshaft.
Install the spacers to the center screw of the base.
Slide the oil seal assembly over the installer base as far onto the crankshaft hub as possible. Slide collar with the stepped side contacting the seal. Slide the installer cup over the guide studs and installer base.
Lubricate the center screw of the base with extreme pressure lubricant. Install the thrust bearing with the case side toward the installer cup and install the hex nut to the center screw of the base.
Tighten the hex nut until the oil seal and wear sleeve are pressed into the flywheel housing or gear case cover.
When the inside surface of the housing is seated firmly against the base and spacers the seal and sleeve are properly installed. Remove tools.
Package includes: J-35686-B Seal and Wear Sleeve Installer. Supercedes J-35686-A
Works on Detroit Diesel Series 60, two cycle 92 engines. Used to install multiple Seal & Wear Sleeve Assemblies including 23516969 / 23513578 / 23513485 / 23518355 / 23519651