JDMSPEED New 80 lb Shaved Handle Door Popper Kit For 2 Door With Remotes - Easy Install


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Here's a great deal on a brand new 2-door popper kit. It's perfect for shaved handle applications, but also works fine even if you keep your existing handles intact. 
Each remote fob will control both doors independently - press the button on the left side of the remote to pop the driver's door, or press the button on the right side of the remote to pop the passenger's door. There's even a 3rd channel output available by pressing both buttons together. 
It's programmable for momentary, timed, latched or duration of transmit' operation, so there's lots of things you can do with it - operate a remote control trunk pop, motorized hood, tonneau cover, power windows, amp rack....and those ideas are just a sample!
Kit includes:
2 x 80 LB "Super" solenoids
(Solenoid/Bracket Assembly Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 6")
2 x Chrome door poppers
(Remote control receiver)
2 x remote controls
2 x Interior push buttons
1 x Emergency push button
1 x Braided steel linkage cable and mounting hardware set